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Firewood Sidmouth

All the firewood supplied is produced from sustainable timber sources.

Sidmouth Firewood Firewood Sidmouth Sidmouth Firewood

Please note: We deliver our products in two different sized bulk bags using our lorry and crane, however if you don’t think the lorry will be able to fit on / near your property please state this when ordering. We will be able to arrange a delivery via pick-up truck.

Firewood Sidmouth

Our firewood company is situated in Exmouth but offer a firewood, briquette and wood pellet delivery service throughout much of Devon, Dorset and the Somerset. Delivery costs will vary dependant on location.

We supply locally sourced and clean, environmentally friendly and 100% recycled firewood.

Why are Briquettes better than firewood?

Briquettes are a greener alternative and a sustainable fuel ideal as a replacement or supplement to your usual seasoned logs, ideal for use in your wood burning stoves or your open fire.

These briquettes can help get better performance from poor quality logs, and are easier to light making them more suitable for use with kindling.

Firewood Storage

Fresh wood isn't a suitable fuel due to the high water content. Green firewood has a moisture level of up to 60% meaning that almost two thirds of the weight is nothing but water.

Burning unseasoned firewood means that much of the energy produced is spent in boiling off the water trapped between the fibres. This inefficiency means that less heat is released into your home. In woodburning stoves this can lead to other problems like excessive deposits in the flue due to soot not being properly consumed.


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